Mary P. testified in court, claiming she still believes she has and will receive an inheritance. If not, he was also deceived.

The first trial of Mária P., known as Csenger’s heir, was held at the Mátészalka District Court. The woman accused of twenty orders of fraud, causing a total of 780 million HUF damage, was originally supposed to be heard in early March, but then it was delayed for technical reasons.

According to Telex, witness Mary P., who entered the process via an online video link, testified that she did not consider herself guilty, deceived or wronged anyone. He also claimed that Fidesz vice-president Lajos Kósa not only took an active part in speeding up the trial, but also traveled with him several times to Switzerland, where he met with private bank executives and lawyers. In that case, he also paid for his accommodation.

According to his confession, it was not he who approached Kosha to ask him for help, but he offered himself after learning that the heiress’s wife of the fortune of 1,300 billion forints in Germany died after his father died used to be. P states that he learned about the legacy through a letter to the Csenger mayor’s office, in which he approached István Péteri, a lawyer. He brought it together with Lajos Kósa through his brother-in-law, Mihály Orendi, the dismissal executive director of the Hungarian National Skating Association in 2018. According to P., the politician “checked that it was a real thing”, “then offered to me in everything to help, so that I could invest this property in Hungary as soon as possible, to use here, not to be taken care of by foreigners “.

From then on, their relationship became good, they visited each other too. In return, Kósa accepted gifts and produced a document that would give his wife € 2 million, but was later withdrawn and issued in the name of his mother, confessed P ..

I still believe I have this legacy and I will receive it. If not, I was cheated too, but even now I do not think it happened. Neither the investigating authority nor the prosecutor’s office can prove whether there is an inheritance or not. “

Said P. according to Telex, who also claimed that he had his “bank card and legacy card” with Kosha for years and also suggested that the politician had taken money from him personally, but normally his manager had come for it.

“Lajos Kósa said, feel free to sign, I will have no problem with it”

According to the “heir of Csenger”, part of the money that came into his account was not really his own, but Kosa’s, he would have given his account only a “loan”. The prosecutor’s office does not want to charge Lajos Kósa as the Swiss bankers negotiating with him and the woman in Zurich.

As we wrote earlier, Mária P. (then still Gáborné Sz.) Became famous in the 2018 election campaign, when it was revealed that she also deceived Lajos Kósa with the story of the legacy of 1.3 trillion HUF. According to her confession, Mrs Lajos Kósa offered a quarter of a French bank, which the politician was supposed to accept, and according to research material known by, she met him four times in Switzerland, where they went to banks and a lawyer to remove the accused Swiss over your bank accounts. Kósa, who was heard as a witness by the police, testified that it became clear to him during the discussions in Switzerland that the Swiss heritage did not exist.

At the end of February, two days before the originally scheduled date of the trial in Mátészalka, Kósa issued a statement denying the allegations made about him. He wrote, “I have never received, received, received or received any amount from one person before the court or from anyone else. All other claims are unfounded.”

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The Csenger heir denied, according to the prosecution, that he had given money to Kosha

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On behalf of the Attorney General’s Office, István Lajtár, in response to the SE’s question from Anett Bősz, rejected the politically motivated assumptions that he had acted wrongly.

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