Tuesday , October 26 2021

He left for Orbán, the Buda Vigadó 7.5 billion


The site of the House of Traditions, topped by Buda Vigadó on Day of Loss, October 4, 2018Photo: Zoltán Máthé / MTI / MTVA

According to Napi.hu, 7.5 billion is still the end of Budai Vigadó's reconstruction cost, released on October 4, according to a decision published in Magyar Közlöny, another HUF 287 million to the project.

Although the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán already in the nearness of # 39; The Golden Gazette of $ 7.5 billion granted to Buda Vigado, the government has added a total remaining 287 million pieces to # 39; the completion of renovation.

The expansion of Buda Vigadó has been dynamic in recent years. In November 2015 decided to renovate the government, 5.55 billion for the works. In December 2016, when the annual department of government, the budget was lost by 1.56 billion euros, the control stood at 7.1 billion. From there there were only two steps to get $ 8 billion.

The Prime Minister Viktor Orbán speaks at the place of the House of Traditions on the transfer of the rebuilding Buda Vigadó on October 4, 2018Photo: Zoltán Máthé / MTI / MTVA

Napi.hu expects the government to declare the project as a result of national importance and therefore had no architectural and technical advice to implement, and was not needed to do a municipal filing.

The purpose of the renovation was the Modern House of Traditions, the Hungarian National Folk Ensemble, the Folk Knowledge Library of # 39; the Carpathian Basin and the Laszlo Lajtha Folklore Documentation Library and the Archipelago of the Carpathian Basin, which until the restoration of ' The original state of the building was built as complete as possible. such as the Folk Art Methodology Workshop "(Napi.hu)


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