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From the year 2019 5G smartphones can come


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Huawei Technologies has announced that the partners with two and twenty television service providers worldwide have made realistic 5G sales networks and test 50 more providers of 5G networks.

The Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) in London has developed its innovative solutions that helps consumers on 5G commercial use and announce that the first 5G smartphones smartphones are available from 2019. According to Huawei, the development of 5G development is strongly strengthened by the fact that the first users of the networks are the largest countries of # 39; the world, which will rule a third of the world's population.

In his speech at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London, Ryan Ding, director of Huawei and president of the Huawei Carrier Business Unit, said that fifth generation (5G) mobile networking technology will make a new time in making infocommunication: up to ten times the performance of network connections and up to now opportunities in mobile industry up to now. The 5G will provide broadband bandwidths for families, and it will also provide super-fast speed and ultra-low latency, completely eliminating full models and making a great deal of service for service providers.

According to Ryan Ding, senior service providers are interested in using 5G as soon as possible, as the first ever benefit from the use of ultra-fast networks. The incidence of 5G development is based on two factors: first that 5G will be the first major user countries that count a third of total population – their distribution will therefore be faster than 3G and 4G. Another important point of development is the tool: The 5G smartphones, including the 5G phones with colored display, will be available in 2019, giving them a full new experience. Lead telephone manufacturers will quickly download expensive equipment (about $ 100) to the commercialization of the 5G networks, and also distributing the distribution of 5G and industrial industries, Ding was donated.

Huawei in London has also set up innovative solutions that provide helpers locally using 5G. Huawei Antenna Matrix Solution (Massive MIMO) is the lightest and lowest active antenna unit (AAU) that is strong enough to deliver on time of typhoons up to 15. As current location of locations – babies, frames, towers – Already popular, Huawei aims for a 1 + 1-lost antenna solution that lowers savings and so the seller for phone operators goes after the presence of antenna webservers. Huawei also offers a so-called uplink and downlink decoding solution that simultaneously provides a variety of 4G and 5G C-bands.

In addition, the company helps its creative 5G-for-and-microphone solutions help service providers more easily and easier 5G networks at lower prices. The company uses the benefits of artificial intelligence to increase the functioning of telecommunications systems and lower business costs.

According to Ryan Ding, 5G already recognizes in many places and customers that the businessman is 5G solutions and innovative products. "The act says more than words," adds Ryan Ding. – Huawei has already signed an agreement with twenty television service providers to build a 5G network and work with more than fifty providers in commercial 5G tests.

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