Sunday , October 17 2021

Christmas fell apart, in a weeping voice he spoke of mourning


After his fall, Gergely Karácsony gave a shocking, surreal interview on ATV’s Straight Talk. Anyone who has hitherto had doubts could now be sure by listening to the completely confused mayor: he was not dismissed from his own words (even though he claims to do so, of course). During the conversation, he kept talking about his fall to mourning.

Christmas obviously had no easy task. He should have explained why the mayor of Budapest, supported by three parties, is returning from the elections in favor of a weaker, non-partisan mayor.

Because this is impossible to explain, and he could not tell the truth (that he did not make the decision himself), he did not succeed. So he got involved in ridiculous statements, and talked at length about the fact that during the campaign he realized that he did not want to win as much as – for example – Péter Márki -Zay. He even said how good it was that he had been pre-elected, because if he had not been, he would probably be the candidate. With this, of course, he acknowledged what he had hitherto denied, that he was the selected winner of the Gyurcsány show.

It was a shocking moment of the collapse of Christmas when the reporter asked him to know that something had happened at a town council meeting Thursday morning that the mayor said so much, nothing special had happened, his attention was a little distracted.

It also turned out that he practically had nothing to do with the management of Budapest, yesterday he had time for, for example, an online discussion of several hours (!), Where he explained his step back to his supporters.

Then it happened again, that every five minutes came in the conversation: Christmas spoke again about the need to mourn his defeat.

Amin must have gotten over it, though that was not at all what the conversation looked like.

The point, of course, was not to be missed. Again, he took an oath of allegiance to the Gyurcsány family: he spoke about what left-wing government, Gyurcsány’s wife should be, in a leading position. What a future propaganda slogan about did not believe: the victory of Márki-Zay would prevent the return of the Gyurcsánys.

The reality is: Gyurcsánye is still pushing her puppets for her.

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