Volkswagen has updated the current generation of the Polo. It received, among other things, full LED headlights and taillights, as well as a new system for driving assistance.

Since 1975, more than 18 million units of the German market town car have been sold, which is currently in its seventh generation. The model that now runs was unveiled three years ago, and has now received a mid-life update. In the design, as a result, the area around the lamps, which is connected by a strip of light in front, has changed the most.

The most important innovation in the interior is the Digital Cockpit, which has become standard in all Polo’s equipment. The size of the center screen can vary from 8.0 to 10.25 inches, depending on the version. Driving Assistants is the brand’s system that runs under the name IQ.Drive Travel Assist, which includes a lane departure warning system, cruise control and emergency assistant for city.

Three fuel-efficient, 1.0-liter petrol engines are available for propulsion, as well as a model on natural gas. The base version has 79 horsepower, while the turbo engines have 94 and 109 horsepower. The model by the end of 2021 is expected to be on sale. No official pricing information has been released yet.

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