Saturday , December 4 2021

Black Friday misses a lot of action


Shops and webshop promotion are preceded by a long-term planning and preparation period. Is the other side, how many clients this year earn for Black Friday? The latest research on ENN on Black Shopping's winkelplaten shows that although Hungarians are less enthusiastic than last year they would still earn 110 billion euros if they could find the products, They were interested in a good price.

This year, the black Friday is a bit more than the previous one. While in the past few years, the media had been loud about advertisements and advertisements of & nbsp; The Black Friday Promotion, this year we were less interested in shopping in shops and shopping malls. In any case, even subtle enthusiasm among adult learners is insight: although the majority are those who buy places on Black Friday (47%), three of the ten are uncertain and have not yet been able to decide if they what to buy on this Black Friday.

Does the high certificate not in the meaning of the hype over the black Friday? Last year, according to eNT research, for example, Black Friday, half of buyers in stores or webhosters, was not detrimental, for example, one tenth of their found vulnerability. In fact, there was a smaller group of 7 percent found that the discount was not the last of the product but a previous list price. All this could have a bad effect on the importance of customers in Black Friday.

But in less enthusiastic enthusiasm, besides the bad memories, it is also possible to prevent the freezing packaging of this period, while non-sellers get their purchases to the end of # 39; One year earlier they made (27 percent from December 1, 2010) their purchases, and they fought earlier promotional promotions. In October-November there are several promising days-weeks: eg. Crazy Days, VAT-Free Days, Glamor Days, Joy Days, etc. In the last two more and more companies and webhosting shops will be created and who will not participate in announcing their coupon codes. Customers do not have to wait for the black Friday if they want to discontinue, and they do not have to worry that there is no time for a gift on November one below the tree.

Of course, this does not mean that the black Friday will be good. Despite the fact that the group is generally smaller than Black Friday, they have a lot to get their Black Friday acquisitions in comparison to the latest plans. While in 2017 it is about. 36,000 entries are planned for this action, the value of the world 2018 is in average 6000 shapes higher and reaches 42,000 shapes. This average representation of potential accommodations will result in a support from 110-112 billion merchandise, making it smaller in size than those who have their clothes laid a year earlier (last year was 120 million pieces).

Although based on measuring eNET, but only half of this proposal has been introduced last year, there is a relatively big interest in these actions, and from now on it is only up to shops and web shops to meet the size of their retail businesses . If you see, the demand for action was, another question is whether the stores travel the products and the price they have to have their teeth.

The TOP5 store, a web shop where there are plans to design / designers at Black Friday, based on a representative study of eNET Adult Internet, is based on eMAG, MediaMark, Extreme Digital, Euronics and Tesco (commissioned by Frequency ). Compared with last year, eMAG, Euronics and Tesco could increase their population among blacklisted lists, while did not go to the TOP5 this year after the fourth place of the past year.

It is also remarkable that despite the challenges and sometimes the adventures of online ordering the Black Friday on & # 39; the Internet operates. Almost half of the buyers plan to buy online online on Black Friday, but four of them Ten Ten on Online (Last One, but One-Thousand of Buyer's Buying Online). Half of the designers buy a real action jaw that anticipates to make scholarship for the black Friday, and is ready to start shopping at the beginning of the # 39; the action to buy the desired products.

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