Saturday , February 4 2023

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He was repeatedly prosecuted for repeatedly falling and was barely released from prison.

The Kaposvár District and Prosecutor 's Office indicted a small number of commercially – stolen thefts and other criminal charges for a 35 – year – old criminal who committed multiple thefts after being released from prison.

The defendant sentenced him to jail in August 2018, but it was only a month when he stole his wallet from the open car. Then he went to Kaposvár's bakery. Kaposvár not only steals imports from the pot, he brought fresh baked goods and tried to collect money from the bakery.

The defendant stole purses, cell phones, and printers from his car and attempted to obtain one of the residents' values ​​from a property in Kaposvár. But the old victim was caught up in the fact that the defendant escaped the woman from the scene.

The defendant was finally arrested by the police when stolen from a car in the cemetery in Kaposvár.

In the case of a special and multiple defendant convicted of a crime, the prosecution sentenced him to four years in prison for a six-month period of imprisonment when he refused to recognize and negotiate the commission of the crime.

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