Saturday , June 3 2023

Bad Week for BUX


The Budapest Stock Exchange's (BUE) stock index rose steadily to 39,328.39 last weekend to 741.76, up 1.92% from last week's closing price.

Weekly revenues in the stock market have increased by 88.8 billion barrels over the previous week, from 138.6 billion forints. With the exception of Richter, all major share prices have strengthened Mazare Telecom to about 5.62%.

Equilor Investment Ltd.'s stock exchange analysis shows that this week's BSE has been negatively impacted by international investment climate.

On Tuesday, OTP pulled out BUX because Friday's report was still based on high fundamentals, despite profitability.

Photo: VG / Vémi Zoltán

In the middle of the week, the Hungarian Stock Exchange OTP and Mol encountered a GVH decision Wednesday to announce a review of the Digi and Invitel merger. Richter's exchange rate was most affected by last week's weakness report.

Exchange on Thursday was tired and some modifications were due to the decline of the OTP.

On Friday, the Hungarian Bank Currencies rose again and rose almost 1%. According to Equilor, further negative corrections are expected in the OTP, but in the short term the exchange rate can be used to test historical highs of $ 11,780 again.

The share price of Magyar Telekom is moderate reality on rumors on Thursday, but the stock has climbed to 436 forints. After a few modifications on Friday, he still stood at 425 forints. Despite the volatility of the moles throughout the week, it continues to move in the upward trend channel. Richter gained strength this fall and was able to return to the level of 5400 forints.

Wednesday, after the market closes, Lava reported.

The company's sales grew 11% in the third quarter, but recorded a loss of 7 million HUF per quarter since it hit 2.9 million last year.

Forint was slightly weaker in the first half of the week but stopped at 323.50 and rebounded to 321.90. Forint compared to the dollar, the possibility of offsetting this week was almost 282.50 thanks to the weak dollar this week.

  • Richter showed a 1.48% decline this week and closed at 5320 forints on Friday. Weekly sales are close to 10 billion forints.
  • The mall grew 1.04 percent this week to close at £ 3110, with weekly sales of about £ 13.1 billion.
  • The OTP's exchange rate closed 3.33% higher at 11,470 HUF on Friday. Weekly sales exceeded 51.4 billion barrels.
  • The price of Magyar Telekom grew 5.46% on Friday, ending 425 forints, with a turnover of about 5.6 billion weekly turnover.

BUMIX, the index of small and mid-cap stocks closed on Friday, was higher than last week's 138.98 points (3.76%).

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