Saturday , June 19 2021

Although it has a lot to announce, Konami will miss this year’s E3

We have been angry with Konami for a while, not only because of Metal Gear Survive, but also because he is not ready to do anything about Silent Hill. Hope arose when we learned that this publisher, among others, will be participating in this year’s unusual E3, however, indicated today that this will not be the case, although there is enough content to announce.

Konami has indicated on Twitter that it is sorry, but is not ready to participate in E3. Of course, this will not be the case, as they have nothing to look forward to, as they are working on steam on several major projects, so we can expect to hear about them in the coming months. The publisher also added in a statement below that this should not be misunderstood by the Entertainemt Software Association, the organization that organizes E3, has great respect for the show of Los Angeles and is sure that it will be a great success be in 2021. events and in the future they will support their presence in the same way as hitherto.

E3’s official Twitter account responded with a poison from Nic Cages / Con Aires that they regret it, but in the spirit of Konami they will still be there on the show and meet again next year (probably at the traditional LA event).

Of course, Konami will come up with something on the Pro Evolution Soccer front, but tens of millions of fans are already waiting for a new announcement from Metal Gear, but maybe even more on the Silent Hill front for something new that is not something of a playground. Regarding the former, they are rumored to be getting a remake, and about the latter, that the developers of The Medium have released the new Silent Hill for development if they already understand the language of horror so well.

This year, the E3 is in digital form, June 12-15. will be held in between.

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