Thursday , June 24 2021

All three Hungarian teams lost quickly.

Alba Fehrvr confidently scored 13 points (87-74) of Szolnok Oil's homemade home-made 21-point victory (83-104) at the same level as Szombathely's Italian team. He scored 95-84 and defeated England's Leicester Ryder on Wednesday at the European Basketball Championships.

Dzunics Braniszlav threw out Blackjack's dribbles, defeating Buljriba 4-0, as Rilski had no chance of passing the 16 teams in the second round.

South Africa's Hogwarts won home 84-80. The number of singles on Wednesday was not the same as in the first quarter of this year.

The most generous of the massacres was fehrrrians' desire for America, and Allerik Freeman got 27 points.

Alba Fehrvr got 21 points from Bullshit Rilski Sportsman Vendgek.Forrs: Alba Fehrvr / Facebook

Results, frfi European Cup, Round 5:
Group F:
Rilski Sportsman (bolgr) – Alba Fehrvr 83-104 (18-17, 24-34, 20-27, 21-26)

Dragan Alekszich led a team that won 3/1 in the Italian team in the sense that all teams secured 16 positions in the second round.

Oil in October took two weeks at the beginning of the year, but only hzigazds won the basket with a 98-94 victory.

It was a good time for the teams to face each other, but the Hungarian team did nothing to kick back. The best of the Hungarians was the 23-point Vojvoda Dvid.

Results, frfi European Cup, Round 5:
Group H:
Szolnoki Olaj-Sassari (Italian) 87-74 (23-22, 16-15, 25-15, 23-22)

Gasper Okorn led the team with a 1/3 victory to the governor of Ejaculation in England. This means you could not go to the other 16 teams.

Falco won only one victory for the riders in October, and in the UK, Aliakszandar Pustahvar hesitated to come to the Hungarian team, who did not spit. On Wednesday, Hungary made the big blind, but this time the Hungarian team took the lead and got the assurance of victory.

Stefan Balmazovic (age 28) was the most profitable player in Szombathely.

Results, frfi European Cup, Round 5:
Group H:
Lester Trooper (English) – Falco-Vulcano Energy KC Szombotelli 84-95 (31-27, 24-22, 13-22, 16-24)

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