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The Samsung Galaxy A8s has a big screen protector ETtoday3C 家電


▲ ▼ 推 特 爆料 大師 洩 Samsung Galaxy A8s 保護 貼 設計. (圖 / 翻 攝 自 推 特)

Samsung Galaxy A8's Samsung Galaxy A8s

記者 邱 倢 芯 / 綜合 報導

The Samsung Galaxy A8s, a fast-tracked Universe of the Universe Ice and the Samsung Galaxy A8s, will be the perfect match for the Samsung Galaxy A8s. 照片 中 显示, 保護 貼At the top of the screen, a high-resolution anti-theft device will be displayed on the video clip.

Installing the Galaxy A8s into the 3-bit tab, the Tabs section of the Infinity-O editorial window is located on the bottom of the screen, and the window displays a window with a larger view of the screen.窄 邊..

▼ Samsung Galaxy A8s Infinity-O, in the lower left corner of the video clip, you can see more than one table with a wide range of tabs (in / out)

▲ ▼ 推 特 爆料 大師 洩 Samsung Galaxy A8s 保護 貼 設計. (圖 / 翻 攝 自 推 特)

For example, Samsung's Infinity-O Edition editor does not require the 「凹槽」 (也 沒有 瀏 海 或 下巴), 藉;;;; Ice 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片 片显示, Galaxy A8s 還是 有 一 點點 的 下巴.

For example, the Galaxy A8s can be used in the first generation of the Snapdragon 710, with a 6GB RAM, including Samsung's Infinite-O-terminal, Galaxy S10 can also download Infinity-O.

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