Tuesday , May 30 2023

Tencent raised Hong Kong stock by 106 points in half a day. The stock price of hkej.com has been exhausted.


The US stock market index fell for the fourth consecutive day and fell more than 200 points overnight, but the mainland stock market rebounded and Hong Kong stocks have climbed over 100 points for the past half year and are confined to 10 days (currently 25936) and Т antennas (currently 25559).

Thanks to the amazing performance of Tencent (00700), the Hang Seng Index rose 207 points this morning to 25862. However, the resistance of the top 10 antenna was already heavy this morning, so the market turned to a decline from the rising to a low of 25,611. 42 points. However, A-shares were reversed and HSI-backed Hong Kong stocks recovered their upward momentum and rose more than 100 points in half a day. HSI climbed 106 points (0.4%) to 25,760 at noon. Market turnover was 44.74 billion yuan.

China's corporate index rose 25 points (0.24%) to 10,430 points.

Tencent's quarterly earnings were boosted. Some of the big banks raised their target price by 3.7% in the half-day, and the Hang Seng index, which is also a hero in the Hong Kong stock market, was 84 points, the highest rate. 0.3% for HSBC (00005), 0.4% for HKEx (00388), 0.5% for AIA (01299), 2.9% for AAC (02018) and Pingbao (02318) did not rise.

Focus section

Pharmaceutical industry: The Nasdaq Biotechnology Index (NBI) has fallen 1.99% since the previous day. The pressure did not stop this morning after large capsules of pharmaceuticals yesterday plummeted yesterday. Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical (01177) The first two blue chip performances of Neutral Pharmaceutical, Shijiao and Acid Pharmaceutical (01530) fell by 5% in stone medicine (01093), 5.7% in half-day diarrhea, and 5.15%. Baekje Shenzhou (06160) US stocks will be included in the MSCI Hong Kong Index, with a stock price of 7.2% and Cinda Bio (01801) with a 7.6% share, while Kingsray (01548) also fell by 0.5%.

Mainland aviation stocks: Oil prices rebound overnight and aviation stocks generally declined. China Southern Airlines (00753) rose 2.1 percent, China Eastern Airlines (00670) 0.8 percent, Cathay Pacific Airlines (9.00) 0.9 percent and Southern Airlines (01055) only 0.2 percent.

Infrastructure Stock: The construction of the infrastructure of the mainland began and infrastructure stocks were sought. Construction of the railway (01186) in China grew by 4.2%, construction by China Construction (03311) by 4%, construction by Zhuhai (00390) by 1.7% and China Telecom Construction (01800) by 1.3%.

Good Stock Prices: This morning, the number of double-digit stocks dropped to 30, and many stocks plummeted through big deals. 56.9% for Tianyu Real Estate (00059), 47.2% for Beijing Gas (Beijing), 82.6% for China Seaview (01106), 38% for Oaks (02080)

Concentration Share

Wulong Electric Vehicle (00729): When orders are received from the US, sales increase by 8.2% at noon with sales of $ 100 million (approx. $ 780 million).

AVIC (02357): Hongdu Aviation plans to replace part of its parts manufacturing business and assets with Hongdu Group's related defense business and assets, while AVIC Engineering Co., Ltd. has increased by 4.1% over the last half.

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