Saturday , September 24 2022

Steam "Ren Wang Complete Edition" provides a special limited time for the Hong Kong mobile game network


In addition to the historical facts of the end of the National Era, this work has many actual military commanders, and the original story is profound and profound, providing enough tension and sense of accomplishment and a "war state." The work of "Game of Death".

■ Contents included

Three full-size updates of the game "Kyushu" – "Omi" and "Northeast Dragon," "Successor" and "Won" are included.

◆ "Dragon of the Northeast" (Northeast)

I explain the main character's story about whether Lee Dae-seong sect with the nickname "One Eyed Dragon" is rebellious in the northeast.

◆ "successor of righteousness"

(Osaka Winter Festival) The stage of the story is winter in Osaka.

The story of a soldier known as the first soldier in Japan and a faithful story of the age of the nation.

◆ "Yuan Yuu"

(Osaka Summery Array) It is story of Osaka summer summer.

Describes the final battle of Tokugawa and Toyotomi and the end of William's journey, which ended the nation's era.

■ Steam Limited Edition Special Code

Steam version of special code "general valve front helmet" can be obtained.

You can select the "Gift" option in the "Temple" of the game to collect special codes.

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