Monday , November 29 2021

Samsung complains and compensates for cancer worker in semi-factory factories, ends 10 years controversy | TechNews


According to journalistic media messages, Samsung Electronics officially affects employers who work in their semi-fabricator and learn from cancer on the 23rd and promised to compensate, the end of the 10-year conflict ends.

The report indicates that worker rights of workers working in farms against Samsung Electronics have made 320 employees work, after being used by Samsung and 118 people died. According to the Rules of Settlement, previously announced this month, Samsung will pay its maximum 150 million ($ NT 4.3 million) for each employee, and the specific amount of compensation will be determined based on & # 39; the disease and current situation.

The report further suggests that it is expected that within 20 days of & # 39; the final compensation of & # 39; The injured worker in the semi-factor toll will send Samsung Electronics a call for each victim because of the director. It is expected that after the re-establishment of confirmation the parties will start the compensation program in early January 2019. At present, Samsung Electronics and semi-fabrics will be pleased with leukemia related to the production of semi-fixed processes, this 10-year conflict will end.

In 2007, an employee who died on the production line of Samsung Electronics Semiconductor of acute leukemia died. Later, his father discovered that another colleague had died of acute leukemia. In 2015, Sharps, a South Korean working group represented by many cancer workers, said that there were 200 workers with cancer in Samsung's factory, and 70 of them they are dead. According to the latest information there are total 320 dead victims, of which 118 are dead.

(Source: Flickr / DennisM2 CC BY 2.0)

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