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"Hey! I'm Jiaqian!" Katherine transformed into a wireless news anchor and became a TV presenter, introducing herself to life.

After leaving the main broadcast, she returned to the campus, sometimes acting as an activist, advertising, and hosting a travel program. The groundbreaking performance has once again brought people to life.

She has recently taken a step in North Korea to explore the remote areas of Pyongyang and the northeastern region, to talk with local professors and students, to ride a bicycle on the subway, learn Korean dancing, become the first taxi to visit, . In order to make her feel more deeply about this mysterious country, there are more questions.

"Before I became an anchor, I asked for objective and plain reporting, but now I am more educated as a host. In addition to gathering and reading a lot of information in advance, I understand the mood, express subjective feelings, let viewers know their personality, It is not easy to get out of the comfort zone. Jin Jiaqian is a girl who accepts challenges.

After joining the press in 2013, she was the organizer of the news department and hosted a "weather report". She left the broadcast career last year and returned to school. "At first I wanted to work part time, but last night I saw my colleague finished the paper, and the next day when I made the camera again and faced my face, I worked very hard so I changed my mind." So she resigned and studied . "Actually, training is good and travel is good. People sometimes have to stop and think about what life is."

You should report the number of underwear.

From serious news stories to the emergence of TV screens in recent years, we've been constantly trying new challenges and exploring the other side. Speaking of "Strengthen" on the ViuTV TV show at 10:30 tonight, I have seen a variety of experiences in North Korea that are more exciting than news.

"North Korea is a closed country, everything is very mysterious, as expected, it will be watched by visitors, can not talk directly with local people, can not get off the bus, North Korea's books and North Korean leadership can not have anyone. Photographs of people are nationwide and all visits must be made through official channels and must be submitted for prior review. "

The 10-day itinerary has fewer tourists than northeastern Pyongyang, and two men from Shenyang and a production team fly directly to Pyongyang and then take the inland plane to the northeast. Among them, the northeastern airfield that created the nostalgia surprised her. "The airplane is like a train wagon in the 1960s, the chairs are very narrow and there is no door in the luggage compartment!"

"The travel guide asked everyone to fill out an approximate number," she said. She said North Korea has visited tourists in recent years. The check is loose and your phone is not checked one by one, only the model and number of each phone is recorded.

"Do you remember opening her luggage and asking them what they were bringing my spray?" She answered the truth and passed the test. When you arrive in Korea, all your passports will be kept in the travel guide and a North Korean passport will be issued and returned on departure. "So it's very valuable, and many people are punching cards."

First taxi passenger

On weekdays you can only take a sightseeing bus. The most important thing is that Chen Jiaqian became the first tourist to take a taxi with North Korea tourist guide. "The tour guide is reminded before you take the bus and can not talk to the taxi driver."

She is curious about the tourist guide. Do locals use taxis? The tour guide replied, "Of course we will take a taxi and it is very common." But when asked when to ride, the other party could not answer. Finally, he added, "If you do not need it, you will not be able to accept it." "

"Is it universal?" She wondered.

Her unexpected food is very rich and delicious. "The food that tourists and local privileges like burgers and crepes can enjoy is cheap, but the ingredients are fresh."

After the tour guide placement, Chen Jiaqian met several college students at Wanshoutai Fountain Park, was a tourist attraction in North Korea and exchanged views of love. "One of the tour guides said a few words to college students and I want to be careful when they talk about it, they were all secrets when they were filming, they did not mention how to know their male and female friends, It is very conservative to meet a friend. "

North Korea is still a closed country and will not meet a couple who can not keep their hands on the streets. Intimate behavior is far more impossible. She found some pressure on the way. For example, if a film crew did not visit the Northeast, the tour guide was very nervous about how they shot it.

"If you take someone on the street or ride a bike, it feels like it is not necessarily the best thing for the country, so it will clear the scene, resulting in a lot of blank photos, and only three people have the conversation."

Seafood price stamp hand letter purchase

In reference to North Korean handwritten letters, in addition to the national skincare brand Chunxiang brand products and snacks, many foreign tourists like to love to send stamps and postcards. "The stamp price is seafood price, it is cheaper to buy a hotel, the back area is expensive, the most expensive stamps I have purchased are tens of thousands, but there are many stamps on the stamps elsewhere.

The greatest feeling of this trip is that the world is still leaving. "Freedom of expression, freedom of the Internet, and a constant approach to Hong Kong's world affairs are not possible, but I do not know if they are really happy, people who agree that the country offers good and many resources. Value and the 20th century are very different, they may feel that life is normal, on the contrary, we are not normal, we have to buy buildings for building and shopping. "

In Hong Kong, many people do not have the ability to buy apartments. "In Pyongyang, however, some privileged and elite students have achieved outstanding academic performance even after graduation, and the people who will be educated will be placed on trains by the government, and houses will be set aside for housing."

North Korea has a lot of experience and sharing and hopes to develop inner feelings and experiences. "I want to publish a book, I hope to go deep into the gates of Iran."

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