Monday , October 26 2020

Lai Qingde said there is no consensus key in Taiwan? MAC: There are 2 other | Cross-Strait | NOWnews Today News

▲ Chen Mingtong, the new president of the MAC. (Photo / Photographer Chen Ming & # 39; s)
▲ Chen Mingtong, the new president of the MAC. (Photo / Photographer Chen Ming & # 39; s)

Lai Qingde, the president of Executive Yuan, said in & # 39; a research on the Legislative Yuan that closes the door as the mainland of China and claims that the only key is the consensus of 1992, than in Taiwan, "the key cannot be found". The MAC says at & # 39; e 22nd that the key for the resolution of & # 39; a government of cross-strait ban is the stability of & # 39; Republic of China Constitution & # 39; and "cross-strait people relationships regulation".

At the regular press conference of & # 39; the river & # 39; A House of Representatives, Qiu Chui responded to the importance of foreign media, following Liu Jieyi's director of Taiwan's Taiwan Affairs Bureau, following the two sessions of the mainland. Office was also appointed by Chen Mingtong, and whether the new cross-strait staff could open the deadlock. Official position.

Qiu Chengzheng said that the stability of powerful peace and the responsibility of both sides are protected. This is not a unilateral responsibility of Taiwange, and it is not something that the country has to deal with threats and intimidation. The gap between both sides of the street is not good for both sides, as long as Beijing can compare, strengthen, and seek common ground in reserving differences, it is believed that the cross-direction is fast will be collected.

Qiu Chengzheng points out that the key for the resolution of & # 39; s government A cross-streaking stance is to stabilize the "Russian Federation of China", the "governance of the two sides" and other relevant laws and positions on strengthened emotions, and to provide common ground, while Reservations differ on historical facts and politics.

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