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How to set up iPhone recording app activity? Learn if the second control app supports data — Mr Crazy


Apple has further enhanced the privacy rights of iPad OS 15 and iOS 15, adding “Record app activity“Function so that iPhone or iPad devices can use the”Save App Activity RecordUse the access log to quickly query questions about the activity of the last 7 days of the app to determine if you have read secrets in the background or set data such as photos, cameras, microphones, location, etc. This feature will also record the APPs’ network activity logs to ensure that the app you are currently using is secure, such as how you control and use your iPhone “Record app activity“Feature? This article will teach you how to use it.

How to set up iPhone recording app activity Learn how to check if the app steals data in seconds

How to enable the App Activity Recording feature

I want to turn on the iPhone “Record app activityFunction, you have to firstUpgrade to iOS 15, iPadOS 15 as the new version to use, It will not be enabled automatically by default, and it will only be recorded if it needs to be enabled manually.Record app activitySteps for activating features:

Step 1. Go to iOS.Configuration“choose”Privacy“, slide down and click”Record app activity」。

How to enable the App Activity Recording feature

Step 2. A set “Record app activity“The feature is enabled to start recording.

How to enable the app activity recording feature 1

When opening “Record app activityAfter “, Apple said that the iOS / iPadOS systemIt will start recording APP application activity data, resources and network access records for the past 7 days, And stored on the user’s device, there are six common types of behavior known:

type tool
Photo Read the photo album behavior in the device
camera Turn on the camera function of the device
microphone Turn on the microphone function of the device
contact person Read the contact list in the phone
position Read GPS location
Screenshot Enable screen capture feature

How can I open and analyze the app activity record?

After opening all frequently used apps once, the analysis can normally be opened after more than three days.App activity record“File, orYou have recently installed a specific app. If you suspect or are concerned about privacy and security, you can ask and analyze it using the following methods

1. Install App Privacy Insights tool

Temporarily unable to read due to built-in system “Record app activityFile, you can directly use the “Privacy Insights-App Privacy Insights” tool to read and analyze.Record app activity“Log file tool.

Install the App Privacy Insights tool

Seeing that this app was launched by a Chinese developer, some people started asking again. Is not your use of this app the same as sending analytics data to China?

In principle, I would recommend that apps be shared after confirmation. First, look at the app’s privacy information in the “Privacy Insights App Privacy Insights”, which indicates that no information will be collected.

Install App Privacy Insights Tool 1

Next I use this tool for log analysis. I use 0. Internet activities are very common. However, all Internet activity is associated with the domain “”. Then who is this server again?

Install App Privacy Insights Tool 2

After querying domains with whois, I found that this domain is owned by Apple (click me to view). In addition, Apple also uses the list of Apple product pages on the corporate network. It also lists the domains used by the App Store and also contains “* .mzstatic .com”, the main purpose of this domain is actually the image cache server provided by Apple to the thumbnails of the App Store, and it is also a server used to retrieve App Icons.

From the above, it can be confirmed that the tool “Privacy Insights-App Privacy Insights” will not steal any of your information.

Install App Privacy Insights Tool 3

2. Import the included App Activity files into the system

After installing the APP, you can use iOS directly “system」>「Privacy」>「Record app activity“Click”Save App Activity“, the tool to open the log file will appear, select” from the listImport to privacy insights」。

Import the registered app activity files from the system

Click on the import page .ndjson import report directly from the top corner “Import“In the app and click”Fisy“To complete the import. (Each time you want to analyze, you must import through this step)

Import the registered app activity files from the system 1

Query App Activity Record

Privacy Insights – App Privacy Insights“Analysis -sark silAll records for APP application activity are presented in a visual list, You can go further for the APP you want to know aboutRequest all access times, connection server or system access times, Everything can be clearly seen.

Note: If you find that the APP icon goes blank, you need to close the APP from the background once and reopen it.

Activity record for query app

For example, if you want to check if YouTube has secretly read albums and videos in the background, search for or turn on the microphone, just click on YouTube to view “Access log“You can know all the access behaviors. If you find that you did not open the app today, but start reading photos and stop accessing photos, then it is possible that the app secretly reads your data in the background, what means there is a problem.

Activity record for query app 1

Also in “Internet activity“Share, it will also record The domain and server to which the app is connected, and even record the number of connections in detail, If it is still automatically connected to the background when it is not enabled, it is necessary to determine which server you need to connect to and whether there is frequent network activity.

This feature is just like the built-in firewall blocker recorder in iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 system, which can record all APP connection records of the iPhone device.

Activity record for query app 2

What is an abnormality?

This time added iOS 15 “Record app activity“Function can make the most of the app’s death. Users can check access rights for app at any time to ensure that their privacy is not violated. Then, under what circumstances can it be determined that the app has misread?

The easiest way, as long as the “Access log“In the query read APP records, if you do not open a particular app all day,It has been found that the app will often read photos as other system functions in the background, which means that the app has abnormal reading behavior

Currently, some netizens have discovered the well-known Chinese app “WeChat, Taobao, QQ“, from time to time the photos in the user’s device are secretly read in the background. This behavior will also make people suspicious. Most of the time the photos and video data in the device are secretly read in the background, which will also cause the device to consume more power. (If you find that other apps have secretly enabled system features, you are also welcome to provide them.)

Which is abnormal

There is not only a problem with the Chinese APP, but also an unknown reading behavior along with LINE. Even if you do not open the photo album (transfer photos) or use it, it will continue to read and find the photos in This behavior does not appear Normally the official LINE is asked for further explanation.

update: LINE official comment “We are currently investigating the issue you are consulting」。

LINE background continues to read photos and positioning
LINE background continues to read photos and positioning

It’s even more exaggerated along with the most popular Xiaopi shopping app, just browseContinue to read photos, contact information and location in the background automatically, It seems very simple to have you only the smooth shrimp. In fact, this APP will go through the photos of the device, locate and get contact information in the background, causing the iPhone device to consume more power.

Shopee keeps access to photos, contact information and location in the background
Shopee keeps access to photos, contact information and location in the background

How can APP prevent it from working in secret in the background?

If you find that a particular app is not in use at regular times, but has been working in the background, such as when you are clearly reading photos in the album, posting or activating a particular feature, you can use the following three methods to prevent the APP from loading frequently in the background. material:

  • Disable location feature
  • Disable photo access
  • Close the background app to refresh

Method 1. Disable the position function

Some apps do not need to be deployed all the time, such as Taobao, Xiaopi or game type apps. App Use “” Period “is enabled to prevent the App from being secretly operated in the background.

Disable location feature

Method 2. Disable photo access

Because of “Record app activity“Function to find a particular app and continue reading photos in the background, you can find the App name from the settings, and change the access rights of” Photos “to” None “or” Selected photos “, which The Bad App Can Prevent Development The reader will secretly read the photos on the device in the background.

Disable photo access

Method 3. Close the Background App to refresh

If you need to install WeChat, QQ and Taobao apps due to work or shopping needs, and want to prevent these Chinese-made apps from reading your photos secretly, it is recommended to go to the APP option in iOS settings and disable “Background App Reorganization”, It may prevent the App from continuing to refresh in the background, and it may also make the device more energy efficient.

Close the background app to refresh

If you want to quietly solve and prevent Xiaopi shoppingThe background automatically reads photos, contact information and location, you can go directly to the iOS “Settings”> “Shrimp” to set according to the settings below, you can prevent Shopee from secretly operating in the background, and also prevent iPhone power consumption.

  • Position changed to never
  • Close contact
  • Permission for photo access changed in no
  • Microphone off
  • Camera out
  • The background app is refreshed and closed
Shopee store anti-block background set reading setting method
Shopee store anti-blocking background set reading setting method

Wrap up

The latest iOS 15 privacy law adds the App Behavior Record feature, allowing users to understand all access behaviors of apps and network records as well. you feel uncomfortable. Under the condition of peace of mind, in principle through this teaching method, you can find out whether the application currently in use is secure or not by asking yourself for the access data of the App.

Finally, Mr.Crazy suggested that all users of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 should learn this method to protect personal privacy and prevent it from being stolen by unscrupulous and illegal developers.

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