Monday , October 26 2020

Gogoro separates the energy network "Gogoro Network" into a company

Gogoro today announced that it has independent distributed services such as battery replacement stations, smart batteries, and kilometers and kilometers in a company called Gogoro Network, which splits Gogoro's sales company. Note that partners like Yamaha and Hongjiateng also meet at the Gogoro Network and share the battery traffic system, if Gogoro & # 39; Therefore, the Gogoro Network is independent, and it does not seem necessary for Gogoro, Yamaha, and Hongjiateng owners to enjoy energy services consistently.

Gogoro Network will be divided into four important establishments in the future, namely the "cloud infrastructure" and the core of & # 39; a central control, the "GoStation Battery Station" on the first line, the "smart smart battery" of Gogoro Network and the help of gadgets. And "Gogoro Network App" for managing accounts. Gogoro will also start investing in new smart batteries, with 21,700 cells starting this month, with a performance increase of 27% and a maximum bike ride of 170 kilometers.

While publishing this news, Gogoro also shared some of & # 39; a four year period of energy. Gogoro has also shown that GoCharger Mobile has been sold, but only 1% of its owners bought it, and the remaining 99% is only used by batteries, an overwhelming use in the Gogoro system. At the same time, Gogoro Network has broken through 44 million batteries everywhere and average daily switching of over 100,000, moving the reliability and scalability of the system.

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