Wednesday , March 29 2023

Four people are playing a zombie game together. "OVERKILL & # 39; s The Walking Dead" will be released next year – Hong Kong mobile game network


"OVERKILL's The Walking Dead" is a survival shooting game developed in the famous American drama "The Walking Dead". Players must fight zombies or other survivors to ensure the safety of their companions and fortresses. With your nearest weapon you can knock down your enemy and use your gun to knock your enemies brilliantly. To survive in this harsh environment, you must have a soft thought and be with your colleagues.

Regardless of the player's pre-order digital download version or actual version, the official said that they can get a special code "OVERKILL SKIN Expansion Pack" for OVERKILL character skin sets, OVERKILL water bottles, OVERKILL dagger skins, and OVERKILL signal gun skins.

The game will also be available at the same time as the following digital deluxe editions.

  • Download "Overkill & # 39; s The Walking Dead" game body version

  • NIGHT RAID Digital Art Collection

  • NIGHT RAID role SKIN set (including four roles)


  • NIGHT RAID digital soundtrack

  • NIGHT RAID Signal Total SKIN

  • Knight RAID Water Bottle

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