Thursday , March 30 2023

Fans of viewers do not accumulate wealth, super-long swimsuits can hardly hide the heroic power, Edan in relief as a sculpture-Yahoo Hong Kong News


  1. Fans viewers look around, collecting no wealthYahoo Hong Kong News
  2. Edan was so busy that he shook his coil and his chur was so healthy that the sirens blew himself and he was dizzy twice and he needed a physical examination.Hong Kong 01
  3. “Glue Wars S2” premiered yesterday and the production team personally revealed the reasons for the host selection of “6 Glues” Edan / Jeffrey / Hillary, etc.Yahoo Hong Kong News
  4. Edan Lu Juean personally revealed that he had started work twice and fainted: he thought he was going to die and the new drama “i.SWIM” was in the second stage | Latest newsOriental Xindi
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