Friday , January 28 2022

What are the nominations for the 2018 European Film Awards?


Pavel Pavlovski's "Cold War" was nominated for five nominations and was nominated for the European Film of the Year in 2018 and was awarded a film, director, screenplay, and female and male translator award.

Below are Alice Turnhout's "Happy as Lazzaro", Mateo Garone's "Dogman" and "Ali Bass" Border each bringing four nominations.

The awards ceremony will take place on December 15th in Seville, Spain.

All the nominations are as follows.

Best European Movies 2018: «Cold War», «Border», «Dogman», «Girl», «Lazaro Happy».

European Executive Director 2018: Ali Abbas presented "Border", Matteo Garone "Dogman", Samuel Maoze "Foxtrot", Pavel Pavlicovski "Cold War" and Alice Brookscher "Happy as Lazzaro".

Best Actor in Europe 2018: Mari Bummer is "Three Days in Quiberon", Haldorah Gearchsdorf is "Woman at War", Joanna Culling is "Cold War", Barbara Lenny is "Petra", Eva Melander is "Border" and Alba Rogwotzer is «Happy to Lazzaro».

Best Actor in Europe 2018: Jacob Sennergrecht "The Guilty" Rupert Everest "The Prince" Marcello Fonde "Dogman" Sverih Gudhansson "Borg / McEnroe" Thomas Coot "Cold War" Viktor Polster "Girl"

Best European Movie Script 2018: «Border», «Dogman», «Guilty», «Cold War», «Happiness by Lazzaro».

Best European Documentary 2018: «Arrested Women», «Berman – A Year in Life», «Father and Son», «Silence of Others», «Silence of Others».

Best European Comedy 2018: «C estra la Vie / Le Sens de la Fete», «Diamantino», «Death of Stalin».

Better European Movie Animation 2018: "Another day of life, the early man, the baker, the white song.

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