Saturday , February 4 2023

US Midterm Election: Florida – World Recalculation


The decision to vote for the governor of the state of Florida has been decided on Wednesday (February 2).

The new survey, commissioned by Ken Dedger, Secretary of State for the Florida State Department, will be delivered to state authorities until Thursday at 22:00 (Greek time).

The unofficial results announced today in relation to the governor's election are ahead of Republican Ron Desistee, who was supported by Donald Trump, with 33.684 out of 8.2 million votes over Democratic candidate Andrew Gilmour and 0.41 percent.

The competition between Democratic Senator Bill Nelson and Republican Rick Scott is even more vague. Scott was only 12,562 points behind, 0.15% (50.07% vs. 49.92%).

About the "thieves attempted" in the election process, Donald Trump added that he followed the "closely" process through Twitter.

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