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Toure: When I felt a defeat, I always decided to be a winner – Olympiacos


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– At what age did you start playing soccer?

"I started playing football when I was two or three years old and when I had my father, mother and brother give me a ball because I was always a gift to my children in Africa, I played soccer. I went to a professional team when I was four years old. "

– Looking back at the time, what advice can you give me?

"I think it would be nice to enjoy my advice to realize a dream because others misunderstand people and sometimes misunderstand people when they just want to participate." I felt a sense of defeat and I always promised to do my best in friendly games and training because I am always a trophy. I finished my job and wanted to look back and see what I did.

What trophy I conquered, I have my house. This was always important. If there is advice to young people, try to realize their dreams. They have to work hard to see the body and double it. It is important to be able to sacrifice sports and other things. If you want to do that, you can. "

– What is the motto of your life?

"I do not think it's what I thought, but frankly, what I've always done is trying to win, and that's because I'm a person who constantly changes my way of thinking and thinking. It is hard to say that I can handle it, but I am a winner because I am not good at anything else.

I am good at soccer and want to win. This is my goal. It can sometimes be costly and difficult, and some people say they can and can lose. I gather to never lose. I always come back until I get it. I always want to be a winner. "

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