Friday , August 12 2022

Tips for safe use of ATMs


ELAS provided advice on the safety of citizens when using an automated banking machine (ATM).

How to use ATM

Before you start trading, carefully check for suspicious behavior around you.

Make sure you are in an area with an ATM. There are no additional accessories whose existence is not justified.

You should look for changes or markings on the card slot, such as suspicious objects, curved chassis, scratches, extra components, holes, and so on. Do not use this ATM. Inform your bank immediately.

If the ATM keeps the card in transit or has a problem, contact the bank that issued the card.

Do not trust strangers who can help you deal with ATMs. Or request a PIN from your card.

If the machine is damaged, contact the bank's telephone number.

When you enter your PIN, you "protect" the keyboard so you can not see the 4 digits.

Once you have exchanged cash, calculate your money secretly as soon as possible.

Please check your transaction receipt if the transaction is not completed during cash withdrawal. If you did not ask for proof, reinsert the card in A.T.M. Please check your account balance or last movement.

If you need to use IT, make sure you are not alone. At night and in non-congested areas.

If you plan to take a lot of money from the bank, you have to accompany a second person.

If you are in an ATM and you are in a private room, do not allow unfamiliar people to enter the area during the transaction.

Do not leave your keys or valuables in the car while using the ATM. Do not leave the car engine on.

To protect your account

Do not use birthdays, phone numbers, or other personal information as a PIN that can be easily recognized by a label.

Do not enter your PIN.

Do not use the same PIN on more than one card.

Remember to choose a personal identification number (PIN) that you can identify and that can not be identified as your personal item in your wallet or purse.

Do not provide your PIN to anyone or under any circumstances. For example, if someone calls you at the bank and asks for your PIN number to verify, do not give it. Banks do not follow these practices. If you have a phone ID, record your phone number and notify the police immediately.

Do not place a transaction receipt issued by an ATM.

Compare ATM's cash receipt Receive your bank's monthly newsletter and notify your bank immediately if you see a transaction that you did not.

Sign the card. This will prevent anyone from manipulating your name.

Do not give or lend a card to anyone.

When you go with you, you have only the card you want to use.

Cards and theft are reported to the bank and police immediately.

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