Tuesday , October 26 2021

Thriller lucky for City, defeated by Lyon – Soccer – Champions League


All open, except for the first in the sixth Champions League.

After two full "full" matches, Manchester City, who lost her libel in England, was twice to "yourself", but in the end of … (2-2 ) the French and almost the top of the group has been saved so much. It's a great opportunity to qualify for the Zenessio team today, which will be the last match against Shakhtar, and if he stays, he will fit the "16" of the event. The Ukrainians went 3-2 from H√∂fenheim and stayed for qualification. Only the Europa League hope the Germans.

The 5th Game Schedule

Hoffenheim-Shakhtar 2-3

Lion-Manchester City 2-2

The score of # 6th group

Man. City 10 (14-5)

Lion 7 (11-10)

Shakhtar 5 (7-15)

Hoffenheim 3 (10-12)

Next match (12/12)

Shakhtar-lion (22:00)

Manchester City-Hoffenheim (22:00)

The lion has previously been provoked as a hard knee for the English Championship, which began sounding but when it looks like he would not have a simple task. The 1-0 did not come to 29 or Cornell … an unlikely opportunity, but not 43 & After the ball hit the yoke after the shot. But the third was also a scuffle for the ace of Lyon, painted on 55, while the City's players earlier caught sight of an opponent on # 39; the ground.

Shortly after Aguerre was a great opportunity to get Lorart to make 1-1 with a 62 – inch. Manne flirted with 1-2 by 69 and Corne found nails in & # 39; the 81th minute. Before the festivities disappear, Agouer kept the "citizens," which Guardiola was killed for his part.

Big "double" for Shakhtar and live for "16". The Ukrainians made it difficult … easy and tired, but they ended up. Within a three minute lead in the first place, they laid the ground for the victory, with Ismail's tasty object (13 & 39) and Thyson's cool face, the mirror of a mirror in & # 39; the control was. The continuation was not proportional, the playground brought the situation for the equality of pension, with Kramaric (17 & 39;), which was executed on 39; the back of the defense and sugar, which has used the bomb. The final, however, had a chilling taste for the Ukrainians, surrounded by the Tennessee side in the area.

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