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Thohatzopoulos responds to the newspaper "Democracy" about a publication of about 19 million euros found in the crypts.


Thohatzopoulos has published a newspaper about 19 million euros of publications found in crypts

In response to a newspaper "democracy" about a controversial article that found 19 million euros in the house of Paleo Psychiko, former PASOK Secretary Akis Tsochatzopoulos "Treasures in the Political House of PASOK" and the caption "We have a special cache I found 19 million euros at Aki? "

In detail,

Saturday 10.11.208 Saturday I found 19 million euros in the newspaper DEMOKRATIA and a special crypt named "Treasure of Democracy". Is it Aki? "Former YOUTH Akis Tsohatzopoulos has issued the following statement:

"… According to the official release of the Civil Protection Department and the Greek Police, the Special Forces took her to a house in Palaio Psychiko and found a huge sum of money belonging to me. They think that the Supreme Court can make a decision on my appeal and influence the judgment of the judge against me in a vulgar manner.However, they have various "centers" that work for my complete extermination "It's fast to offer" services. "Society has now resumed such a preparation game that everyone knows that they are paying special attention to the time …

Akis Tsohatzopoulos ".

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