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They open a bank account in Simitis.


Opening account in Greece Costas Simitis, His wife, his brother and two former government ministers Anti – money laundering agency.

According to a document titled "The News" on October 30, the authorities were ordered by the authorities. Former prime minister Costas Simitis, wife of Daphne Simitis, brother of Spyros, and accountant to five Greek banks of the public order minister Michalis Chrysochoidis and Vaggelis Maleisios at the same time.

The list of seven men who require authority to open an account is completed by Maleisios, Diamandoulas, and Loukas Romanos, an intermediary in weapons systems.

This document was signed by the administrative and financial support department of the authorities, Dimitris Kafkalas, and the opening of the former Prime Minister and six other accounts referred to in this document is being carried out in the framework of the investigation under Article 47 of Law 4557/2018

Simitis and the other six documents for the opening of the account are forwarded to four systematic banks (Alpha Bank, Eurobank, National and Piraeus) and to Attica Bank Please send all your account information from 2000 to today!

This document does not indicate when and where Simitis, his wife and his brother need to open an account, but he is estimated to have been added to the castle list. Loucas Romanos, and Chrysochoidis and Maleisios in relation to the opening of the Olympic Security System C4i in 2004.

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