Thursday , June 1 2023

Thessaloniki: Event Episode with Gavroglou Speakers – Minister Does Not Speak – Society


The event was held at 2 pm in Thessaloniki with the Minister of Education Kostas Gavroglou, and a new test system was opened for the first and second year students to enter high school. . There was a growing tension when Rosa Imvriotis around the school tried to protest high school students' ministry policies, as well as student and student club members, as well as teacher and parent clubs.

There was a police force that did not allow them access, and when the assembled people broke the police cube and tried to cross the police, they reacted with chemicals and spikes. The tension was exhausted later, but the organizer decided to cancel the event.

"We called Gavloglou today at the 2nd Sykeon High School, where we informed our 4 gyms and 3 Sykeon parents, students and education staff about their concerns, Concerns, "said Petros Syriopoulos, president of the Parent and Guardian Association of GEL Sykies. "Unfortunately, on the one hand, conditions that overwhelmed both MAT and the extreme organization, I do not know exactly what happened, it was impossible to hold the event," Syriopoulos said. "We like school. We organized the event only for parents and students." The second GEL Sykeon made clear the head of Poulio Pouliopoulos.

"We have begun to protest against the minister, and the effort to argue between them has finally been canceled by the organizers," said Tamashi Ciconas, a member of the National Federation of Societies in Macedonia.

"When the priest came to speak to some parents about New Lyceum, thousands of teachers said in the school," President of Despina Dassiou 1st ELME Thessaloniki, because there was protest in Thessaloniki's first Helme and other ELMEs.

Finally, members of the Macedonian Struggle Committee in Thessaloniki, Greece flag collection and relief cry for government
In a statement, the Greek Communist Party (KKE) said, "In Thessaloniki, the police attacked the minors with chemicals and grenades and blamed the minors, representatives of parents in Central Macedonia, student clubs and teachers who wanted to express protests. I will cancel the event with my minister. "

"The government adopts authoritarianism because its policies are not popular." In fact, the true face of the government and the political leadership of the ministry are due to the fact that they choose to "back" only with people who support a brutal and anti- Proven. "KKE concluded," KKE has asked the public and youth to fight the government's high school response plan and education for modern education. Own gkes ".

Source: RES-EAP

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