Thursday , January 20 2022

The study of Novartis and the wife of doctor, Eleni Rake, is not frozen


Do not "frozen" the investigation by the Corruption Investigators Case of Novartis, the Court of Apollo Athens has given its opinion.

In her election, the members of the judicial council rejected the proclamation of former elections for corruption Eleni Rakeos and her husband, physician in # 39; the case, Lazarou Karnesi.

Both have a lawsuit against the Corruption Commission Eleni Touloupakis and his Deputy Advocates Chr. Dzhura and St. Manolis.

At the trial, Rajko's wife and her husband "see" the Corruption Characteristics responsible for letting the news of 'caretaker involvement in # 39; Novartis novel, and especially in the beach on the involvement of doctors for specific products of & nbsp; to promote the federal sector.

In their action, the applicant is seeking a full financial compensation of 300,000 euros from the three corruption lawsuits for the treaty of # 39; the secret of the story.

The call

Now, the judge said in her decision to a question of 'Vice-President of # 39; a board of States to deal with the abuse of abuse.

The fraction of the prime minister was whether the study of Novartis had to be held until March, when it was decided to discuss the Raikou-Karnesi region.

This question is the judicial council of the opinion that the study should not be fulfilled, fully individual to the relevant proposal by the court of # 39; the court Rania Staefa is created.

The lawyer also expects that the Novartis research into the law of state and justice should not be a stranger until March 2019 when it was determined their discussion.

Yes, according to Mrs. Statha, there is no evidence for prosecutors because of Touloupaki's wife and the police's corruption, nor are the three policemen responsible for the suffering of data in the file for the wife of Rika.

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