Monday , June 21 2021

The Grizzlies received the terrible Yannis Adockokunbo – Baks of the NBA.

John Adodokunbo did all he could to prevent the team's defeat, but that was not enough. "The Greek monster" scored 31 points on a good night with 10/12 2 points, 0/2 triple, 11/12 shot, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal, 34 minutes and 2 cuts.

Chris Mitton (25 points) was a supporter of Janice with Pat Conaton, who added Jan Con (16 points) and Eric Bledso (15 points).

Mark Gasol finished with 29 points for the Grizzlies, 26 for Mick Conley and 15 for Sevvin Mak.

A series of series increased every time.

The Grizzlies did better on the floor and showed their intentions early after finishing the first game of the 29-19. In the second period, the difference reached 13 points (36-23), but Baks rebelled and fell to 48-45 at the end of the first half due to counterattack.

In the third period, the Grizzlies escaped again to a two-digit gap (82-67), and the scenario did not change, but Baks fell to 84-80. In grade 4, Baks brought Tumba out of the game and fled to 94-86 by taking a solution from his peers. But Memphis reacted and gradually began to approach the score. 12-0 and managed an important point ahead of the 106-99. Pak chief director Mike Badenholzer was removed from the explosion of Grisel.

Baks was in a difficult position, but thanks to the Yanni and Midtleton baskets they were close to flipping, but the final game was not a goal and Memphis celebrated a big win.

Final Box Score (ESPN source)

AP Photo / Aaron Gash

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