Saturday , May 28 2022

Tequed marriage photographer destroyed a marriage receptor – he grew up, had sex with a guest, drowning in the tree and was arrested [εικόνες]


Every attention she wanted to run a young marriage photographer, who was not only proficient, but was arrested by the police on a marriage receptor.

This is Catherine Li Mehta, a 26-year-old Texan, who has made the brother's party, photo's, performed and performed … inevitable things.

Especially the photographer, after eating in the reception, "squeezed" a guest in a room in the center and had sex with him.

However, all visitors see the photographer in an uncomfortable moment, as the drunken did not have the guests with them.

Thus, the center of the center called the police to stand up for the young man for revelation.

But when the police arrived to fix it, they refused to follow, drive and threaten them.

In fact, while trying to join, her young girl came back, went to the garden and urinated into a tree while they were invited.

Finally, the police officer told the 26-year-old from the event center, while calling her father to make everyone fire and wanted to kill her.

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