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Survey Results: Response to Voridis


At the House of Representatives, SYRIZA members are asking whether Makis Voridis and Mark Salma need further investigation of arthroscopic issues regarding criminal responsibility.

The results of the artist are expected to be discussed tomorrow at the committee meeting, along with other committee suggestions.

Interestingly, as opposed to SYRIZA's agents supplying water to Errikos Dynan's hospital, which has been referred to the judiciary by the case, they now have the possibility of an investigative committee at their plenary session in the house.

The final conclusion of the discovery:

Examination of the problem of diagnostic arthroscopy reflected in this discovery proves that there is a serious legitimate problem in decision making and the next step. The methods of payment for medical care, cost determination and incidental procedural inaccuracies, violations of health check-ups and contracts with EOPY have all identified this, on the other hand, they raise serious suspicions about manipulation and collusion. In any case, the country has been found injured.

The conclusions that can be easily concluded from the above survey are formulated by the Department of Health and EOKYY's service writing a series of questions, opposites, or dissenting opinions about the 1,500 Euro diagnostic arthroscopic approach, Minister Voridis ignored the objection and argued. Making a number of omissions and irregularities determines the cost of this method from this astronomical height.

These omissions, irregularities, and abuses have already been explained. Voridis is primarily controlled by the Department of Health because it can not control KESY decisions, disregarding and dismissing the mentioned complaints. There is little further investigation of this issue to protect public health systems. Includes ignorance or degeneration of important issues such as public finances as well as differences in KEN's medical practice.

Seed. SalmaAlthough not exercising public authority for the duration of the problem, it is important to ensure that there is clearly unethical behavior to encourage diagnostic arthroscopy, and that general behavior is indifferent to the exploitation of economic interests for obvious reasons, There are also suspicions that, while misusing behavior or even enforcing it, they are actively involved in the overall costing process of diagnostic arthroscopy. (KESY, ESA, etc.), and has held his position as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health for many years.

In relation to that Former President of KESY, Scandarakis, The examination of the case gives a very strong impression of a crucial role in the blatant overestimation of their preservation as well as the formation of vague and deliberate ambiguous inferences that lead to scientifically non-existent confusion of diagnosis and invasive arthrosis Distorted until expiration

In relation to that Former President of EOKYY, Konto("Arthroscopy-Ultrasound") that is not covered by the legal specifications of the "Private Diagnostic Institution" and is a letter of service that has already discussed the reimbursement of KEN's medical practices as well as the institution's own objections.

Finally, the EWC, as mentioned above, is a "private diagnostic laboratory" that does not exist as a legitimate concept, and the cohabitation license is controlled to delay the reversal of illegal decisions.

An in-depth study of the case of the diagnosis of arthroscopy by the House of Inquiry provides strong evidence that it is a classic example of the collapse of public funds and the burden of public interest during the country's economic surveillance. Greece has created explosive deficits in many sectors of the national economy. As a result, Greece became a social deprivation, a measure of debt and internal value depreciation. It is an issue that proves the tremendous savings that can be achieved when everything goes beyond political and criminal interests to protect the public good.

The decision to underestimate the diagnosis of arthroscopy and the results produced through problematic implementations have proven that for decades cruel, distorted, and ultimately non-democratic management, decision-making and entrepreneurship existed. On the other hand, There is a constant presence to keep power and the public interest.


Because of the agency's obligation to perform and the many signs of apparent dishonesty and violation, the panel concluded that further research on how to diagnose diagnostic arthropathy was necessary. In particular, despite the opposition of the two ministers' addresses to the General Assembly, it is necessary to state the responsibilities of the Chairman of the proposing body, the Minister of Health, Minister Boris, and the Prime Minister for introducing erroneous regulations. Mr. Marios Salma The exploitation of publicly damaging and damaging public costs, and inevitably related third parties.

In addition, the capital movements from December 2, 2015 must be found in "IATROKOSMOS" and "PRIVATE DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY ARTHROSCOPY – EU EXTRAHOTEMOGRAPHY", which have been renamed to the third nature in the "ARTROSOPOPISI – EXTRAHOTOMOGRAFIA EU". For this purpose, the debit must find a bank account for these companies and investigate the amount paid to a third-party account or account associated with the arthroscopic test they have.

Anyway, the amount paid to fulfill this illegal decision must be fully refunded by the court.

In conclusion and in advance it is noteworthy. The enormous moral debauchery of former minister Marios Salma's actions It should be noted that similar acts and omissions aimed at gaining unfair or unjust economic interests will detract the members of the Greek Parliament.

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