Saturday , January 22 2022

Samsung wants the Galaxy S10 to be successful. Otherwise, a crisis is inevitable.


A few days ago, Samsung first introduced a folding smartphone, but now I am interested in the Galaxy S10, which has a small hole in the front according to the clue. According to the Korea Herald, Samsung finally entered the road of innovation because of the frustration and frustration of Samsung's mobile communications division, and DJ Koh lost his job.

The Korea Herald stressed that there was a strong dissatisfaction with the face of the nose when talking to a man inside the company. For example, Lee Jae-yong criticized Koh for compromising Samsung's competitiveness. When Samsung Electronics announced its third quarter earnings, the portable device market saw operating profit fall 30% quarterly to less than $ 2 billion. Others pointed out that the decision-making system is the most important issue in a department that prevents them from finding innovative ideas.

Samsung was leading the market in India, but Xiaomi shrank it in the previous quarter. China has a share of less than 1% of at least five local manufacturers.

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