Saturday , January 22 2022

PrimeTel and OMEN by HP bring the ultimate weapon weapons to Gameshow Cyprus! – GAMES


Elegance for hard gamers.

The HP series OMEN will be available only for participants of 'sportsports' on 22 and 23 December.

Design to give gamers the right promotion to generate them globally, the OMEN by HP series will be on the Games of Cyprus Games eSports, which gamers will win a step closer.

With innovative graphics, greasy "martial" designs and top features, the OMEN by HP range has the flexibility and power to meet every tendency of thrilling gaming.

The HP desktop OMEN will give players the opportunity to dominate fast cycling, preventing enemies and falling prices. The OMEN 25 "controls with a 144 Hz refreshrat and AMD FreeSync ™ technology will provide a unique sense of clarity, show how to get every motion.

Do you want to move the titles?

With OMEN by HP, the only thing you can do is reach it!

He participated in and said a place on the stage.

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Source: IGN Greece

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