Thursday , January 20 2022

Presentation of the ND-program on Education


mitsotakisAt the Cultural Center "Hellenic Cosmos" he presented the ND Education Program, the chairman of the ND in the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center.

Speaking to representatives of the academic community, Mr. Mitsotakis heard that training was not yet a part of an application policy to understand part of a political program, but the mirror of everyone in # 39; the observation of the future of the place. "Speaking of education is like Greece about what I want and every day," he said, that the indicators of social and economic well-being are completely identical to that of education.

"Countries with welfare have very good educational systems Education is a central bicycle for the development of economy." Public Education is the best social education, especially for the children of the poorest families, "said the ND President, that he for a culture that marks the best of all, make a place of creation, stimulate talent, and improve weakness. "It will be the citizens of tomorrow, the Greeks of Democracy, rivalry and solidarity, morality and prosperity. Education is the values ​​of the awareness and the awareness of the awareness and the existence of ' Foundations for a Good Society, "he said and asked," What future can we have in the worst world if we do not put education into absolute national priority? "

If he has, today's politicians require moral to ensure that they have to make the present child make his dreams come true. "Education means a strategic vision that should be issued in all political interests of a modern state," he says the government is critical of today's situation by talking about the exclusion of thousands of children from ' nursery, degradation of & nbsp; full school, program changes with depiction of Greek secretariat and experiments in history. "People who do not know their history have no future, and people who can not afford their traditions know where it comes from and where it goes," he said.

Asian asylum in today's form will be abolished, it has become an asylum for delinquency, law and violence, said the ND president, critique the government to protect the university and citizens . "Greek universities will become a pole of innovation and extroversion," said Mitsotakis at another point in his speech, which was broadcast by ERT.

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