Monday , August 8 2022

Papadopoulos: "We had to get at least one point" – Football – Super League – OFI


Crete engineers emphasized that in the first half they were balanced and in the second they held the ball long, but they did not create a prize. He waited until the injured came back and stood on top of the ball, hoping for a better choice than the midfielders and urging continued effort without the intention of changing his system in the next game.

Analytically: "In the game we wanted to score, unfortunately we did not get anything, I think we deserve something today, it was a balanced game in terms of ownership of the ball.

The opponent in the first half mainly made a chance on the left. We tried to correct it in the second half. The second goal played a decisive role.

In the second half we kept the ball, we tried at the end, and on the shaft we changed the formation. Unfortunately, we did not step down. This is a problem because we do not take many steps, even if we reach the big area in orthodox way.

We are worried about this game. I hope that the injured and punished will come back and have more choice. OFI was not a bad person today. The percentage of possession of the ball for us was very good.

Of course, in the last 16 meters we did not step down. This has nothing to do with the athlete's abilities, but he has the belief that he must be a team to move more territory. On an offensive line, on the pivot, you can have more options in defensive goals, but there is no excuse to miss a football player. I used almost all but one player and I was accused of doing so.

In the last two games, Leviadicos could not defend his defense in the second half of the retreat. We will not change the gameplay style and philosophy, we will maintain our game style and create more opportunities to score and win.


Anxiety is always on every soccer player. Trying in court is important. I showed that I supported all the players, and I showed it today. We allow soccer players to play freely without stress.

Their job is to play games without stress. If a problem occurs in the game, the team is nervous and should correct it to run the game when something goes wrong. "

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