Wednesday , March 3 2021

Olympiakos ready for "real" – Sport – Volleyball – Olympiacos

Red Bulls picked the last week of Boxing's 0-3 set Cannes and needed a 3-0 or 3-1 set to win the match in "golden" and defends his preferences for "16" of Women's Volleyball Challenge Cup.

Branko Kovacevic has no problems and will have all the players for him. Katerina Giota, Alice Konstantinidou, Maria Nomikou, Alison Mifilde, Asimina Nikoloyianni, Gina Lambrusi, Elena Mileidjevic, Konstantina Vlachaki, Lambrini Konstantinidou, Irene Kokkinaki, Stella Christodoulou, Sascia Hippe, Katerina Zakheiou and Laura Emonts.

The Serbian technician who talks about this show said, "Surely, it is difficult to send us because we do not get a positive result in the first game, but it will be another match. our stadium with our fans and that will change the data, combined with the lessons we think we were the first match.

In # showdown in France we have no advantages of & # 39; The chances that Volroiro provided us, but in our headquarters with the fans we have to benefit from these benefits. I call on our fans to support us and what I can call them is that we fight in this game to end. "

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