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New excavations at King's grave of Vergina – Researcher's expectation – Dikaiologitika News


Chrysoula Satsoglou-Paliadeli, Archeologist Professor of Aristotle University at Thessaloniki University, Vergina University Excursion Director and Regional Counselor, today approved the Regional Economic Commission for the same decision and decision to amend the regional council, "Participation" line has already pointed out that there will be a lot of interesting elements in the framework of college excavation, and the expansion will become more abundant.

"For example, in the latest anthropological examination of skeleton material, the age of a woman buried in Philip's grave is greater than the initially estimated age 20-21, now close to 30-34 years old. Philip II, Mida or Cleopatra , But most importantly, it is impossible to be the wife of Philip III of Alexandros. Some suggest that he might be the dead of the king's tomb, "Paliadeli said.

He participated in the anthropological examination of the royal tombs of Megali Toumba and the skeletal material of the royal tombs, in the ancient city of Agora in the ancient city of "Demokritos", anthropologists, doctors of Greek and foreign universities. "This process takes place in a framework of college excavations that continued from the late 1950s to the present, with the exception of World War II, which Manolis Andronikos, Constantinos Romanos, started in 1938." Mr. Paliadelis. "This is because all the discoveries of the great burial mounds and the tomb of the king belong to this college excavation, and I have found a very important discovery in the fortified city."

"We have discovered sculptures, inscriptions, and important things annually at the annual archeological conference, and in the past few years there has been little funding from the excavation funds and many excavations by Aristotle University. To respond to the study, we need to implement program agreements between the local, university and education departments. " He did not appear without mentioning the educational nature of the excavations as archeologists of the future said.

"Due to the financial situation of the college excavation we are experiencing in Vergina and the different discoveries of Aristotle, we are not only able to expand and expand Aristotle, but also to meet our research needs, "The program contract has this goal," he said.

Program agreements include, among other things, maintaining the results of mobile surveys of university discovery, preparing research for preservation and preservation of architectural remains, electronic and photographic documentation of data, digital structure of excavation schedules and photogrammetric mapping of architectural remains , Geophysical studies in its excavation, and redesign and enrichment of college Web sites.

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