Friday , January 27 2023

Natalie Germanou, who has metaphysical experience with Evelina Papoulias (video)


She seems to naturally handle everything that could happen to her, but her "worse" company met with interest in the metaphysical story of Evelina Papoulias. It began with the actor's previous experience. "I felt so tired, I had an arrhythmia occasionally, I left my body when I was asleep, I felt like I was leaving my body, I needed a light to go somewhere, and I liked it and I went and I went, A few moments when I was told "I want to leave or want to stay" and I say "Stay", but this picture was all that people with such experience had ever told me. "

Then, of course, it turns out that this is not her only experience that rarely finds any explanation.

"If there are so many metaphysical things that I begin to explain … No, I'm not looking for it, I do not want it, I have to ground, I leave, I leave, and let's suppose that I'm going to have fun. It's the most fun thing that happened to me, she's a girlfriend actress and she does not tell me coffee with her nose and I say to her that you will not find anything for me.Nothing at all.Nothing.I want you to tell me "She tells me," but I do not know how to say coffee. Finally, I say to her, everything came out of her, everything that came to my head was telling me, and my friend came and she says, "I want you to tell me, too. She tells her the name and type of the adjective she has. I was a classmate from this kindergarten, but she had no contact, she told me how he was with him, and I'm saying that, but it's okay. " Evelina Papoulias said that even when Natalia Germanou asked her what she felt, she said the actor replied. "Certainly," she "disgusted".


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