Thursday , March 30 2023

N. Germanou: Her collaborator was shocked by the revelation about her relationship with a famous actor!


Her "partner" stayed with this news!

The speaker, Natalia Germanou, mentioned the past, but it does not seem to know her colleagues.

More specifically, there was a mention of Apostolos Gletsos following "Zen Première of the 90s" in the '90s.

Haris Yakoumatos is also known as the actor in the series "Greek children" began to talk about age. Can the presenter say in the control panel that "Apostolos Gletsos was not born in the series? Think about it."

Her colleagues began to question her about her relationship with unknown actors.

"We hid it? Come on, my lady … did you shock my opera?" The speaker said, noting that they joined together in 1995.

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