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The main functions of the ND-program for education were presented on Saturday Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Understanding the importance of Education as a pillar of a productive model that the country needs to overcome the tendency.

Speaking to representatives of the academic community, Mr. Mitsotakis heard that training was not yet a part of an application policy to understand part of a political program, but the mirror of everyone in # 39; the observation of the future of the place. "Speaking of education is like Greece about what I want and every day," he said, that the indicators of social and economic well-being are completely identical to that of education.

"Countries with welfare have very good educational systems Education is a central bicycle for the development of economy." Public Education is the best social education, especially for the children of the poorest families, "said the ND President, that he for a culture that marks the best of all, make a place of creation, stimulate talent, and improve weakness. "It will be the citizens of tomorrow, the Greeks of Democracy, rivalry and solidarity, morality and prosperity. Education is the values ​​of the awareness and the awareness of the awareness and the existence of ' Foundations for a Good Society, "he said and asked," What future can we have in the worst world if we do not put education into absolute national priority? "

If he has, today's politicians require moral to ensure that they have to make the present child make his dreams come true. "Education means a strategic vision that should be issued in all political interests of a modern state," he says the government is critical of today's situation by talking about the exclusion of thousands of children from ' nursery, degradation of & nbsp; full school, program changes with depiction of Greek secretariat and experiments in history. "People who do not know their history have no future, and people who can not afford their traditions know where it comes from and where it goes," he said.

A description of an environment of law and spoken about schools of violence and criminals, Mitsotakis heard the judiciary # 39; a confrontation with the house, spoke about a shame prime minister who tried to perform an existing reality. "Security is a citizenship and responsibility and responsibility of the State, asylum will be abolished to conquer the knowledge freely." Finally, an unbroken political priority, "he added, adding that the country better universities would get.

The ND president presented a revolution, he said, based on education in three directions, free access to education in free academic units so that all Greek children start from the same starting point to make the country's economic ranking, making a national priority to improve vocational training, and ultimately to evaluate everywhere.

"A good educator has nothing to fear of evaluation." We have left evaluation with faster promotions, "he said, calling the academic community to participate in this dialogue. "No one can change without your own participation, I trust you, you are the victims of the government policy, I ask you to counter the green reality," he said, pointing out that society was the war of the mystery at the end of a note.

"Education will only blossom in processes of development and the right of law. Our present case will only be fruitful by a major political change that will return the country to regulation. If you need your support and knowledge even by obedience, I also need your action, I invite you to a wide recovery of the country, for a long time is continuous, maybe anyone, the chairman of New Democracy.

Good changes at all levels of the education system

According to ND, the program of education does not include some fragmentary interventions, but an extensive and profound reform with encouraging changes at all levels of the education system. A reform teaching teachers, students and pupils and their parents teach in the center of change, as the vice-president of the party Costis Hatzidakis such as the Head of Education Victory of Kerameos.

In his speech, the new president of New Democracy ruled the government of a "retro" and "retrograde" disrespect of educational issues and a tendency to return to the 80s. "The people move at great speed and Greece has set the backlash to education in recent years, with less logic, level, tolerance of the law," said Mr. Chatzidakis the education that will be the youth weapon for the future, a place of creativity and creativity, every opportunity will give to everyone and wants to stimulate the talents of the Greeks.

According to the principles that surrenders the ND, Mr. Chatzidakis expressed the need for trust in teachers, parents and universities, the need for quality education with the evaluation of schools, universities, teachers, creating a safe environment of equality and freedom of the environment by abolishing all the provisions of the SYRIZA government, which, as he said, the feet of teachers and parents in private education on a shoe esmefomenos and to establish private universities .

Education: The largest investment for the future of the country

According to Mr Kerameos, presenting the positions and proposals of ND in detail, the most important investment in the country is the investment in education and the main task of the education system is to create young people with valuable knowledge and skills Make work opportunities and personal development.

Five are the main pillars of the program – New Democracy & # 39; for education, and, among other things, the following interventions:

J. Education is modern, creative and open

* Public school is introduced in a modern and creative horse of knowledge and innovation. With emphasis on 'cultivation of softness' (creativity, critical thinking, problem, teamwork) and digital skills (computer use, digital communication, security Internet security), instead of decontamination and parrot ability.

* Curricula has been trafficked with new, creative and interactive learning methods and new educational themes, such as entrepreneurship, traffic behavior, volunteering, response to natural disasters, etc.

* The introduction of the ability to & # 39; practice in business so that students can get acquainted with the real economy and choose their subject with greater certainty.

* The National Baccalaureate is set up, received by the successful completion of the Lyceum. To determine the degree of 'National Baccalaureate', the classifications of all three degrees of & # 39; the Lyceum, with a specific rapport per class. In addition, class exams are introduced for the whole Lyceum, with a choice of subjects by the Bank or Difficult Matters.

* Vocational education is radical change, so a need for a few solutions, it is a conscious choice and a job for many.

* Academic institutions will develop in developing countries at local and regional level, development partnerships and networking with the world of production and entrepreneurship, with social actors and with domestic and foreign institutions.

* The goal is to become a strong regional training and research center in Greece. Therefore, the New Democracy supports the revision of Article 16 of the Higher Education Standards for setting up non-state and private higher education institutions, which are set up in stringent conditions and operating a transparent, and responsibility.

II. Higher autonomy in educational units, greater confidence in teachers

* The public school is liberated by the Minister's response to organizational and administrative level, but also at a pedagogical level. The teacher gives more freedom to learn how to learn and use the resources, and to develop training activities based on the requirements of & # 39; the students.
* Academic institutions will be autonomous and self-governing. New Democracy will continue with the direct separation of legal initiatives of # 39; the gentlemen. Balta, Fili and Gavroglou and the establishment of a new law court for higher education authorities who can determine their own research and research activities. Therefore, a framework will be made that institutions can provide sources of source resources from private sources and managing them in an effective manner but with stringent rules of transparency and accountability.
* Academic institutions have the power to determine the annual number of indications themselves and the import base. A maximum term for completion of educational studies is based on n + 2 years, except for exceptions that must be decided by the relevant settings of the application.

III An educational system that kills every opportunity and possibilities for all

* No children from kindergarten. For every child who does not find a place in a preschool, his family will, if they have the Income Criteria, will receive a bird of 180 euros in a month for 10 months in & # 39; t year, you can be on a chronicle of their choice.
* A template and experimental school has arisen in each of the regional unions of the country, beginning of # 39; the less developed regions of Athens and Thessaloniki. Similarly, Standard Professional Lyceums have been set up in represented region, cooperating with public and private businesses.
* All students receive a certificate of basic knowledge of informatics until the 1st Lyceum, while foreign languages ​​are offered in schools and tests are being performed to get a state certificate.
* In all postgraduate programs there is a specific number of stacks, the amount of & # 39; the academic performance and the financial situation of students are awarded.
* The establishment of studies in universities is reinforced so students get a valuable work experience and improve their employment.
* Establishing an internal mobility program for students between Greek universities, in line with Erasmus standards.

IV. Creating and transforming knowledge into a safe environment

* Priority for the new democracy program is to reinforce the safety of students and parents by safeguarding protective measures in schools and environments. Specific emphasis is also on intimidation and violence at school, through the awareness and empowerment of students.
* Approval of asylum. Ex officio intervention by public authorities for all criminal acts that occur in academic institutions and disciplinary action as rectoral authorities the promoting public organs of # 39; do not promote illusions.

V. Evaluation at all levels & Distributing best practices

* Evaluation of school settings by teachers themselves, students and parents with electronic questionnaires.
* Evaluation of teachers, which now launches public education and public schools. The purpose of evaluation is not stigmatization and punishment, but continuous improvement and in-kind effort, and therefore the evaluation is linked to the training and training process for a general improvement of the educational potential.
* In higher education, the quality requirements and certification authority in higher education (ADI) is established as the main institute for evaluating curricula, teachers and foundations. The evaluation results are publically published to increase the transparency and public information, and to promote best practices (educational, research, administrative).
* National Recovery Adult Education Facilities is based on objective criteria and indicators, and is linked to the results of evaluation. In addition, academic hardware (such as university-TEU mergers / unions) will lead to the evaluation of the IDA and on the basis of specific criteria.

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