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Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic


In the middle of & # 39; In the 1980s, a group of American archaeologists studied satellite images and the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. What they remained was an unexpected and inexpressible, then the "pattern" that was included in the photo's. An almost perfect ring, or 200 km.

The so-called cenotes, low, deep with deep blue bushes, are one of the key chains in tourist brochures for the Yucatan Peninsula. They are the inevitable "constitutional law" and looks like "emerging" things at random points in country at & # 39; the eastern edge of the country.

But if you see them in space, they form something different, a motive or a bow, such as a rabbit.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

Archeologists have discovered this project, the capital of Yucatan Merida and the port cities of Sisal and Progreso, while trying to hide the secret of the disappearance of # 39; The Mayan civilization has dominated the peninsula earlier.

The Mayen were dependent on drinking water, but their rûnteformation wound on the researchers, who had their concerns at a scientific conference in Acapulco in 1988.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

For one of the people who are & # 39; Congressmen visited the young Adriana Ocampo, a NASA geologist in time, the round-up made a "clock", which they scored.

Ocampo, 63, today warns that what has been found is not a simple "ring".

"If I look at the slide, I began to think this is a bit difficult, yes, it may be what we were looking for," he told the BBC, today 's position of # 39; The US Space Agency's Lucy project manager, who attempts to send a space in Jupiter to Jupiter in 2021.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

"I was very tough, but I kept my heart around you can not be sure before you have more details."

Through the presence of scholars who make the presentation, and squeezing out with her heart, Ocampo asked if they thought that the plan could be caused by a fallen asteroid on earth. A powerful strike so found that it can block the planet in how many 66 million years can be seen.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

"I had no idea what I said," he says.

This infamous discovery was made for Ocampo's scientific discount, which would be the foundations that most scientists today accept. How the ring is the edge of the crater that has caused a 12-kilometer asteroid causing the earth to fall and explode with immense power on earth.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

Since the early 1990s, scientific teams from America, Europe and Asia worked hard to fill the gaps in this theory. They now believe that the asteroid fall on earth has a 30-kilometer autoclave, causing the earth to produce the same phenomena in a lake as a pebble. The changes he was caused were cataclysmic. In the following years, the world changed energy, with a cloud of smoke blocking the sky and setting the night's conditions, with the temperature falling and 75% of ### the living creatures in the planet disappear. Among these dinosaurs.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

Today, the epicenter of this influence is buried one kilometer deep under a small Mexican city, Chicxulub Puerto. With her small, colorful houses, you expect from an ordinary city, of many shady and photographic spots of the area. Out of? Almost no adverts, there is a small evidence that one of the critical and catastrophic events of # 39; the last hundred million years in history of & nbsp; the earth is missing here.

Until the publication of Ocampo's conclusions in 1991, this region has drawn a small international interest. However, since September there is now a museum, between Chicxulub Puerto and Merida. The Chicxulub Craft Science Museum, a joint project of the Government of the country and its largest university, UNAM, strives to visit visitors at the time, 66 million years ago, or the asteroid twelve kilometers from History changed the world, the end of # 39; the domination of large animals that has done for millions of years.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

By strengthening the & # 39; s knowledge of & # 39; catastrophic events that take place in the area, the museum aims to stimulate the project to tour the prehistoric past of the Peninsula, including the popular Mayan historical destination as Chichen Itza and Cancun.

Chicampulub Puerto and the larger region have to have a greater international recognition, says Ocampo, who was born in Colombia, but lived in Argentina for 15 years in United States. The asteroid, although the area with unimaginable violence succeeded, more than anything else: the human species, designed for millions of years, would be created in the "ecological faculty" made by the extension of one of & # 39; the largest breeding animals of the world.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

Without this catastrophic influence of an asteroid human can never exist, the BBC noted.

"It helped us to develop, grow, grow, as we have," says Ocampo.

The discovery of Ocampo was at the end of a ten-year search of the area where the famous asteroid fell. The association that made her make the pieces of perhaps without sun puzzles, is by the knowledge that she had in her collaboration with a legendary personal identity of Eugene Shoemaker. Shoemaker, a leading American geologist, told her that almost perfect circles are harder to make by other land forces and give much evidence of earthly geological evolution.

The idea that the disappearance of dinosaurs largely due to giant asteroids was named by scientists Luis and Walter Alvarez-father and son of California – in the early 80's. "But then it was very controversial," explains Ocampo. What she had done was to put one of the last pieces of the puzzle, spreading ideas and theories of scientists, self-employed, with different and fragmentary information and overlapping research fields.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

However, in 1978, Geophysicist Glen Penfield, worked alongside Antonio Camargo-Zanoguera, Mexican national oil company Pemex, flown over the waters of Chicxulub Puerto. With a magnetometer, he discovered the waters in search of oil traces. Instead, he found the underwater half of the large crater. But these elements belonged to Pemeks, so they are not available to the scientific community.

The first man to combine the Yuquatan ring with Alvarez's asteroid theory, was asked the Texas journalist Carlos Byars, who was asked in an article in 1981 in Houston Chronicle, whether these two were related.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

Later, Byars' theory of discussion with Alan Hildebrand, who then arrived at Penfield, explored a rock scale in Haiti. And it was these two were told that the crater was not a volcanic crater was the asteroidephone.

"Byars was the first to make all the pieces – a journalist!" Since Ocampo. "It's a great story when all the tracks have gone."

But this is not a simple story. It gives us lots of information about life outside the earth. It is evident that the data provided by the crater, NASA's curiosity research, launched in 2012 in Mars launched for six years and examined for its environmental and geological design.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

Findings from asteroids droplets on Mars, compared to phenomena of 'Chicxulub crater', indicate that Mars once had a thicker atmosphere, as it was, an atmosphere close to the fact that it contributed to life on earth.

"It's important to know what has happened in the past for the future," said Ocampo. "We have a good knowledge of what happened in Mars' geological evolution."

But in # Chicxulubkrater, a lot of & # 39; the knowledge we could have buried. In this direction of recognition Mexico has tried to recognize the crater of Unesco is also movement.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

Visitors have little to see, everything has been done for millions of years. Protectors of sinking, decorative cenotes, which can be swimmed by fish and butterflies floating in the water, probably do not have an idea of ​​these geological features, which only exist because the stones are forced from & # 39; depths in the influence. Thousands of years pass through the lime stones and gradually smooth the boards.

Mexico's precious location is a feature characteristic

Ocampo has visited the area many times, after discovering that most people do not know the importance of this place.

"We have to do better, we have to train the world, show what's a difficult place, where they live in. It's a really unique location on our planet and should be protected as World Revenue List."

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