Sunday , October 17 2021

Just the 2 of us: This is the first couple to leave


The first departure of this year “Just the 2 of us” viewers watched Saturday night via the Alpha frequency.

The 13 pairs (H. Eleni Dimou because of Marino Console did not compete because they are positive for the coronavirus) gave their best on stage and demanded for the first time the voice of the television audience.

The voting started from the beginning of the competition part and decided with 50% which pair will leave at the end of the night.

DE Nikos Koklonis began to announce in random order the couples who succeeded last night, however, eventually remained on stage the Mara Meimaridis because of Stan en Demosthenes Tzoumanis with the Giota Griva.

Finally those who did not succeed and went away first “Just the 2 of us” she was Giota Griva and Demosthenes Tzoumanis.

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