Friday , August 19 2022

"January Mitroglou Olympiacos" Super League and Olympiacos


Olympiacos has a problem with its goal, and there is a scenario that it will move once in January. France goes one step further and "Provence" claims that Costas Mitra Glow is on the list. "Marinekis is angry with two defeats and thinks two things to get Olympiakos fans back in. Hassan's loan failed and Olympiacos discusses a solution to his contract with Braga: Marseilles does not want to get back 15 million euros, but we want to get rid of the 330,000 euros contracted by 2021. Marina Kiss can afford it. It can be done. " Whatever the Olympiacos proposal is, Marsalles will consider it. "

A few days ago, Marseille coach Rudy Garcia broke out to support the Greek striker. "There is nothing important for Kostas, he will go to his national team, his score will be good for him, and when he comes back with us he will wait until he scores like Zermen. It will be. "

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