We've released a lot of exciting stuff at the Android Developer Summit, including promoting the GSI (General System Image) to the public. This means that developers can use Android Q faster than usual without an emulator or specific hardware. Developers can test Android Q even before AOSP source code is available! Google also reported new features such as mobile and multi-screen folder support.

Google released Project Treble last year, reducing the delay of updates. In addition to dealing with fragmentation issues, Treble provides GSI without modifying Android in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). At the conference, Google said it was analyzing GSI, explaining its implications, and planning to use it more effectively.Google also announced a new feature called multi-resume that allows multiple applications to run simultaneously on the same screen. You can now open multiple apps, but they will automatically stop each other. This feature is mandatory on Android Q! We complete multitasking like on a computer for the first time on a mobile!