Wednesday , March 29 2023

Greece malt export business to Austria and Israel


The Greek nuclear brewery, which has watched the company's intentions over the years, has exported Greek barley malt this year as part of its barley barley production program for the past decade. The two markets in which Greek malt was exported were Austria and Israel, and according to information, they exported to a third company, not a company belonging to the Heineken group, which owns the Athens brewery.

The Athenian Brewery supplies barley to Greek producers, malenizes them at the privately owned outlets of Thessaloniki and Patras and thus covers 100% of the production needs in Greece. This year, the company purchased and malt production of 63,000 tons of Greek barley and, after considering production needs, began exporting malt to two markets in Austria: 7,000 tons and Israel: 4,000 tons.

The company also extends its partnership in Greece. Recently a partnership has been started to supply Greek malt to the Rhodian company VAP P. Kougios SA, which produces beer ZYTHOS BAP.

The Barley Barley Cultivation Program at Athens Brewery already has 10 years of life with more than 2,500 producers in 19 prefectures. Since 2008, the company has acquired over 400,000 tons of high quality malt barley. The arable land is estimated to be approximately 170,000 acres of land and the value added exceeds 60 million. Through this program, 830 jobs were created in the agricultural sector.

In preparation for cider production at the company's plant in Patras in early 2019, According to the information, Greek producers of apple juice (the product to be the raw material of apple juice) so they can now be considered a "global provider" of the Heineken group.

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