Sunday , March 26 2023

Friday's cultural agenda policy


"Emma" by Maria Protopappas at Kefallinia Street Theater.

• Based on Ema Reyes's book "Memories of Correspondence", Maria Protopappas's "Emma" will be screened at stage 2 of the Kefallinia Theater. 9 pm Kefallinias 18, Kypseli.

• His new album "Piano Voices" is released by jazz pianist Sakis Papadimitriou of Beton 7 Arts. Pydna 7, Botanic at 9:30 pm.

• Zoe Tiganouria presents a musical performance called "Too Lives" through a 16-man performance. 9 pm El Convento del Arte, Virginia Benaki 7.

• Three charismatic musicians Bad Seeds Hugo Rees, Walkabouts Kris Eman and Davemusic Barbarossa make an unexpected music trip. Temple at 9:30 pm. Iakhu 17.

• Issues related to the teaching of history and public education will be discussed at the "Cleo School" event organized by the Greek Historical Education Group. 4:30 pm Athens City Cultural Center, 50 academies.

• Kostas Evangelatos' "Ideomorphic arrests" exhibition will be held at the Museum of Athens City of Vouros-Eutaxias Foundation. 7 pm, Paparrigopoulos Street, Klaathmonos Square.

Alkinoos Ioannidis begins a series of looks through a listening and participation program. 10 pm. Living cells, Epirus 48.

• Mariza Rizou comes to the crossstage in the southern hemisphere so far in her discography. At 10:30 pm.

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