Thursday , December 9 2021

Free app to change DNS on Android and iOS


Those who read the article yesterday Ignore blocking websites with torrents and subtitlesOne way is to change the DNS through the service.

Therefore, for us, the Greeks were at the right time to start the official application of the service. Cloudflare It's for Android and iOS, and it's free for anyone without in-app transactions.

How Applications Work

You can actually turn off your Internet activity instantly by switching on. It is very simple.

DNS services are generally unclear, complex, and generally uncomfortable for most users, but Cloudflare can be solved with just one touch.

As stated in the announcement, the users who participated in the beta test contributed the most but did not record the user's IP address, so we decided to manage the beta test. KPMG We prove our reliability every year.

Cloudflare -[[[[Link to Google Play]

Cloudflare -[[[[App store links]

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