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Fire in Rafina just a year after Mati

Fire broke a short while ago on Marathon Avenue at its intersection with Rododafni Street in Rafina. Six firefighters, 48 ​​car engines, the Motorized Special Fire Department, four groups of section walkers, four helicopters and two aircraft were brought to the fire.

Fire in Rafina in the area of ​​Analipsos

"The fire is off, we have lifted the air and we have removed some people," he said in his contact with, the general secretary of civil protection Nikos Hardalias who & # 39; t go to the area raged.


The fire broke out exactly one year after the deadly fire in Mati. Nowadays, the whole day of honoring honor and memory for the 102 victims of the black Monday of July last year, is reminiscent of a memory.

The fire broke out in a piece of land and is spread to a pain-covered area. At the same time, it was mandated to stop traffic on Marathon Avenue from contributing to Fleming to Argithea Street.

Fire and Barnabas

However, a new fire has been erupting for a while in the area of ​​Barnabas. Particularly, as announced by the firefighters, there was a fire in a forest area, in Varnavas, on Friday at 15:27, named Kokoretza, in the Marathon municipality, in Attica. Instantly fire guard force was fired and 13 fire guards with 5 cars worked, the Motorized Special Fire Guard and 2 teams of running teams worked.

A cluster of & # 39; the Directorate Conflict Abuse (CAE) is already in & # 39; The area investigates the causes of the outbreak of fire.

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