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Immigration Department Refugee It is not a national problem. These are European and international issues, require a European and international level solution, and are a new approach to address the challenges of today's reality.

This is underlined by the Greek Chancellor of the Central Chamber General Assembly. Constantinos Michalos At the request of Chios Pantelis Legatou (Chairman of CHIO Chamber of Commerce) at Chios, on November 9 and Friday 10 November in Chios, addressed the Central Union of Greece General Assembly at the Chamber's 100th anniversary celebration .

More specifically, according to a Senator's announcement, Konstantinos Michalos referred to the company's perspective after closing the memorandum and immigration policy in his speech.

In particular, as reported by the Athens Organization, Michalos "We know immigration and refugees are not national issues, they are European and international.

European and international level solutions are required. They demand a new approach, which will respond to the challenges of today's reality.

Solutions to complex and multinational problems are not easy. But there is a basic principle that must be a political compass.

– the principle of solidarity between the member states of asylum and asylum immigrant.

– Strengthening cooperation with immigrants and migrants from third countries.

– Respect the basic rights and dignity of refugees and immigrants as core criteria for the implementation of each policy.

In addition, the position of the Chamber is clear.

  • We combine voices with the local communities of the island in principle, removing geographical restrictions, migrating immigrants to the mainland and returning illegal immigrants to Turkey.
  • We urge specific measures to support affected local economies and businesses.
  • We urge you to complete the revision of the Dublin Convention, taking into account a more equitable and sustainable system of asylum seekers.

But what is most needed is to adopt a consistent and common approach on the part of the European Union. A one-step approach that goes beyond individual strategies and achievements that undermine the foundations of European architecture.

Europe must do what it did not do in relation to the debt crisis. Work with general vision, consistency, and determination. If not, the questionable spectrum, isolationism, even nationalism will become even clearer.

Effective treatment of refugee and migration problems is a matter of survival. To the community, businesses and citizens of Eastern Aegean. For Greece. For those looking for a second home. But the European Union itself too. "

Dimitris Avlonitis, Trade and Consumer Secretary, stressed that the chamber is being restructured by addressing the cooperation of the Department of Economic Development and the Agency's Chamber and strengthening the workforce for more efficient and efficient performance in upgrading the market and business world. We focus on SME support.

The Chios Manolis Vournous mayor mentioned the need to return immigration and Chios islands to regularity, emphasizing that public investment, such as the airport route expansion at Chios Airport, is needed to achieve growth.

SYRIZA Chios Andreas Michaelides voiced that the 10-year crisis has hurt SMEs, but it is gradually closing down as the economy grows.

Noti Mitarakis, a new democracy, is concerned with the low taxation of business, the importance of creating opportunities for progress and prosperity, the creation of education to monitor the economy, the immigration crisis, shipping, tourism, primary production and innovation.

Christiana Kalogirou, the governor of the North Aegean region, stressed the need to dismantle the island from numerous immigrants and that extroversion and flexibility are needed to restore the market.

Dionysios Shipping Secretary General Dionysios Tebnonas emphasized the importance of coordinated efforts to increase efficiency, emphasizing his important and irreplaceable actions in the daily battle provided by Aegean Coast Guard.

Chios Parliament Speaker Pantelis Legalos spoke about the migratory problems that make it more difficult for tourists to attract tourists, and the difficulty of local businesses where the island's growth has been difficult due to the country's weight.

The 100th anniversary celebrations were held on Saturday evening, November 10th, 18th, at the Yannis Karalis amphitheater of the University of Henneo. KEE President, ACCI Konstantinos Michalos, Chios Chamber of Commerce President.

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